What if Christianity is True?

Engaging Critical Theory and the Social Justice Movement

Neil Shenvi & Pat Sawyer

Does God exist?

Richard G. Howe

Is Jesus God?

 Robert M. Bowman Jr.

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

William Lane Craig

Have the Gospels been Changed?

Jonathan Meyer

Is God evil?

Corey Miller

Are humans more than a Body?

 Travis Pelletier

Does Fulfilled Prophecy Confirm the Bible?

Benjamin D. Smith Jr.

Is the Bible a Reliable Guide to Truth?

John Stewart

Is Jesus the Only Way?

Greg Koukl

Capitalism Versus Socialism - An Economics Perspective

Thomas D. Simpson

Does Christianity Offer Hope for Womens Rights?

Laurie Stewart

Is Christianity Good or Bad For the World?

Corey Miller 

Are you the Image of God or a Cosmic Accident?

Richard Weikart

Why does God Hide from Us?

By Paul K. Moser


What is the Soul?

J.P. Moreland

What does the Bible say about Same-Sex Relationships?

By Cameron Hodge

What does it Mean to be Human?

Klaus Issler

Signature in the Cell

Stephen C. Meyer



J.P. Moreland

Return of the God Hypothesis

Stephen C. Meyer

People in the Bible Confirmed in Ancient Inscriptions

Lawrence Mykytiuk

Misunderstanding the Bible

Kenneth Berding


Is Relativism Absolutely True?

Paul Copan

Is Christianity a White Man's Religion?

Dr. H.C. Felder

H.E.A.R.T. of Spiritual Dialogue

Andrew Foland

Has Christianity Opposed Science?

Michael N. Keas


Building a Path to Truth

David K. Clark

Biblical Archaeology

Ted W. Wright

Arts & Apologetics

Scarlett Clay