Our annual event

The Ratio Christi
Symposium 2021

Ratio Christi has hosted a symposium annually since 2016. In order to accommodate more students from across the country, we rotate the venue and organisation of the event between our chapters.

This is a conference where students and members of the broader public can hear first class lectures on a variety of topics pertaining to Christianity. Theologians, scientists, philosophers and other experts address typical apologetic topics as well as issues specific to the South African context.

This symposium also provides a safe and charitable venue for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents to any religion to explore and interact with Christian ideas.

The symposium provides a unique opportunity for Christian students from across the country to meet and interact with others who also seek to better understand Christianity. It aims to equip and embolden students to effectively engage their contexts with the truth. 


Due to Covid-19, our 2021 Symposium will be hosted online by the Ratio Christi South Africa team. All our events for this year will be livestreamed to our YouTube channel hereYou can view the program for this year’s Symposium below. As our guest speakers confirm, the program will be updated. 

We know that this is not ideal in the least, and would have loved to host another symposium at one of our universities in South Africa.  We do, however, invite all of you to virtually attend the 2021 Ratio Christi Symposium, and are looking forward to engage with all of you as best we can in this manner.


16 August18:00-19:45RC South Africa YouTube Channel
20:00-22:00Does the Universe have a Cause?William Lane Craig
17 August18:00-19:45Archaeology and the ExodusTitus KennedyRC South Africa YouTube Channel
20:00-22:00Archaeology and JesusTitus Kennedy
18 August18:00-19:45RC South Africa YouTube Channel
19 August18:00-19:45RC South Africa YouTube Channel
23 August18:00-19:45RC South Africa YouTube Channel
24 August18:00-19:45The Cradle of MankindCasey LuskinRC South Africa YouTube Channel
25 August18:00-19:45RC South Africa YouTube Channel
26 August18:00-19:45Engaging Artificial IntelligenceKristen DavisRC South Africa YouTube Channel
20:00-22:00AbortionMelissa Pellew


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