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Ratio Christi And COVID-19

The Ratio Christi team | 20 March 2020 | 3 min read

Dear Friends

In light of nationwide measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, the board of Ratio Christi South Africa would like to issue the following statement in regards to the operations of the ministry.

As a campus ministry, Ratio Christi’s meetings across the country are contingent on the universities being in session. Therefore, our meetings will cease until on-campus classes resume (as they normally do during holidays). Our chapters are campus clubs or societies and will suspend their group activities according to government instructions and requests.

This does not mean that all our ministry endeavors will be suspended at this time. With the challenge that lies before us, God has also provided specific opportunities. We want to encourage our members and other Christians to use this time to read, contemplate, and dialogue via digital platforms. Therefore, we will keep our Facebook pages updated with different kinds of sources from spiritual leaders whom we find to be helpful and informative. Please contact your Chapter Director or student leadership for specific reading and listening recommendations. Depending on the resources of individual chapters, we will make use of live-streaming facilities to continue our weekly discussions after Easter weekend.

Ratio Christi has never been, and is not supposed to be, the main source of Christian fellowship for university students and other interested believers. We want to encourage all Christians to avail themselves of the creative ways in which churches are making Sunday worship opportunities available. It is important that we continue to pray together, fellowship, and uplift each other spiritually to whatever extent this is possible. Someone once said that “as Christians we are called to be a non-anxious presence in a world of hype, outrage and anxiety.” May this prove true of us at this time and may we invest our time in meaningful and sensible activities.

We are praying for you!



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