Working at every level


preparing high school students

Apologetics for high school

High school students are more skeptical than ever. Students want answers to the tough questions that they are facing every day from their friends and teachers. 

We are partnering with Student Christian Groups in local high schools to train and equip young people to know why they believe. We also run a foundational apologetics course to present the case for Christ and build a good foundation in those who do believe.

Defending the faith on campus

University campuses

Ratio Christi is doing evangelism on university campuses across the world. Our university chapters share the Gospel with students, professors, and staff and people from the broader public.

We train students to stay firm in their faith despite challenges. We defend Christianity against attacks.

Influencing the influencers

engaging & Partnering with professors

Professors holds a strategically significant position in society. They shape the ideas of entire generations, but they have been largely abandoned by the Church. Ratio Christi brings the Gospel to the professor through apologetics. Our campus missionaries are specially trained to share the Gospel with these intellectual heavyweights.

Ratio Christi also trains Christian professors to share their faith with others at the university. We offer training, mentorship, and a network for missionally minded professors.


International efforts

Our mission does not stop at the border of the university or the border of the country. Our teams serve in top institutions across the world.

Christians across the globe are experience an unprecedented number of challenges to their faith. We are doing something about it.


Become a Chapter Director

Do you want to help students love God with all their hearts and minds? You don’t have to be an expert theologian or profesional philosopher to join Ratio Christi.

Find out more about leading a chapter at a local university by clicking below.


Make a Difference: Donate

You can help Ratio Christi to expand its work to every campus in South Africa and to be able to provide quality resources and training for Christian students. 

Even a few rands will help our Chapter Directors to spend more time in the field sharing Christ with university students.