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ratio christi evenings

All of our Ratio Christi Chapters meet on a weekly basis, on or around the different campuses. Our Ratio Christi evenings are a platform for students and people from the broader public to come and engage with the claims and insights of Christianity. Anyone from any background is always welcome to join us at these events.

These evenings are structured in many diverse ways. We welcome guest lecturers to address certain specialized topics, we facilitate informal group discussions to attend to important questions, we systematically work through books in the form of lectures, we tackle big apologetic questions like the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus, we address cultural ideas and diagnose them with the gospel of Jesus.

This is where we meet students on a personal level and are able to answer their questions and invest in their lives. In this way our Chapters enable us to facilitate a continuous process of discipleship. In the end, it is on this local level where we experience the fruit of Ratio Christi as a ministry.

The ratio christi symposium

Ratio Christi has hosted a symposium annually since 2016. In order to accommodate more students from across the country, we rotate the venue and organisation of the event between our chapters.

This is a conference where students and members of the broader public can hear first class lectures on a variety of topics pertaining to Christianity. Theologians, scientists, philosophers and other experts address typical apologetic topics as well as issues specific to the South African context.

This symposium also provides a safe and charitable venue for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents to any religion to explore and interact with Christian ideas.

The symposium provides a unique opportunity for Christians students from across the country to meet and interact with others who also seek to better understand Christianity. It aims to equip and embolden students to effectively engage their contexts with the truth.

The Faith & Reason Conference

The Faith & Reason Conference is an annual event arranged by Ratio Christi, Dialoog and AntWoord. We have welcomed scholars from all over the world to this conference.

This is a rich and exciting platform where we engage hearts and minds with the relevance of Jesus Christ on a spiritual, cultural and intellectual level.

Worldview weekends

As a ministry which is serious about seeking truth, we partner with local churches and arrange Worldview Weekends throughout the course of the year. During these weekends we examine some of the major worldviews like Deism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Eastern Pantheism, New Age Spirituality, Postmodernism and Islam. These worldviews are investigated with critical scrutiny to ascertain if their claims are true.

These Worldview weekends are packed with deep questions, deep conversations, deep fellowship and deep fun. Keep an eye out for one near you.

Logic classes

It has been said that “no matter what the end goal or purpose of your thoughts may be, it will attain that end more effectively if it is clearer and more logical.”

Since logic is a crucial tool for critical thinking and one of the best ways to discover truth, some of our chapters provide logic classes on a weekly basis for anyone who are interested.

Contact the chapter closest to you to find out more.


Become a Chapter Director

Do you want to help students love God with all their hearts and minds? You don’t have to be an expert theologian or profesional philosopher to join Ratio Christi.

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