WE equip Students With Reasons to Follow Christ



Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is a grassroots movement encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christian students at universities around the world through rational investigation and apologetics while sharing Christ’s message and love to those who have yet to receive it.

Ratio Christi is therefore serious about discussing the pressing questions of worldview, science, history, culture and philosophy. To achieve this, apologetics clubs are placed at universities around the world in order to take part in these discussions.

These clubs, or chapters, have regular meetings where students and faculty can wrestle with ideas relating to the credibility of Christianity by encouraging dialogue and stimulating discussion.

Ratio Christi also provides a safe and charitable venue for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents to any religion to investigate the claims of Christianity, discuss religious beliefs, and seek the truth without fearing reprisal.

We currently have five chapters in South Africa at the following locations and academic institutions: Potchefstroom (NWU), Pretoria (TUKS), Centurion (Akademia), Cape Town (UCT), and Pietermaritzburg (UKZN).

Why do we need another campus ministry?


Students are arriving at university unprepared for the objections from their professors and fellow students against Christianity. Some of these students return to their faith. Some don’t.

Through our experiences on different campuses and our interactions with local churches, Christians and non-Christians, it has become clear that Christians need to be better equipped theologically, historically, philosophically and apologetically.

Ratio Christi attempts to fortify and strengthen the faith of South African Christians in general, and South African students in particular.


Ratio Christi is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.


Building thoughtful Christians –
Transforming lives on campus today, changing culture tomorrow.


Apologetics + Evangelism

Our campus ministry teams are specially trained to combat the objections that are pulling Christian youth away from the Church.

Evangelism. We are evangelistic at heart. Our goal is to share the Gospel on every university campus.

Training. Our campus teams train Christian students to answer the objections that they hear.

Debate. If needed, we will publicaly oppose worldviews that set themselves up against Christianity.

Fellowship. We’re just as quick to give a hug as we are to give an argument.

A Local Movement

Ratio Christi makes an impact in many local communities and in countries across the world. Locally, Ratio Christi:


  • Hosts on-campus Christian apologetics clubs and outreach events
  • Trains students to evangelise on their campuses
  • Offers fellowship, mentoring, networking and training for professors
  • Helps church staff and pastors prepare kids for university
  • Starts high school mentoring groups to arm students for university
  • Supports local churches with any speaking and teaching needs

A Worldwide Effort

Ratio Christi is a worldwide organisation. Throughout the world, Ratio Christi:


  • Hosts national gatherings that unite differing people groups
  • Mobilises theologians and thoughtful Christians to support & influence worldwide church matters
  • Produces apologetics resources for ministers/pastors, students & families
  • Provides resources to Ratio Christi university clubs
  • Offers hands-on apologetics training events that go beyond the classroom
  • Hosts nationwide internship program to provide apologetics training


Partnering With Churches & Ministries

Our campus ministry doesn’t replace or compete with any other churches or ministries. We actively seek out connections with local churches and parachurch organisations. Ratio Christi is a special forces ministry. We do best when we partner with others.



Today’s university students are well-read, sophisticated, and intelligent. Ministering to them requires being able to answer a variety of objections to Christianity.

Apologetics isn’t just about winning arguments with atheists and writing research papers.



Winning an argument with apologetics is meaningless if it is not ultimately aimed to clear the way for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our team members have a heart to share the Gospel. We want to live out the Great Commission.


Become a Chapter Director

Do you want to help students love God with all their hearts and minds? You don’t have to be an expert theologian or profesional philosopher to join Ratio Christi.

Find out more about leading a chapter at a local university by clicking below.


Make a Difference: Donate

You can help Ratio Christi to expand its work to every campus in South Africa and to be able to provide quality resources and training for Christian students. 

Even a few rands will help our Chapter Directors to spend more time in the field sharing Christ with university students.